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Your 'Tower Fund Advisory Group'

The Tower Fund Advisory Group will receive the Tower Fund applications and will decide which ones get the ‘go-ahead’ in their area.

Each area of the Tower Fund has its own group of Tower Fund Advisory Group. The role of the Group will be to receive all applications for funding from the local community. Members will judge each application and decide whether to grant money to the applicant. The successful ‘bids’ will then be sent by the group to Meadow Prospect, who will release the money.

Please see below your elected Tower Fund Advisory Group.

  • Joyce Morgan - Chair
  • Deborah Smart - Vice Chair
  • Joy Owen - Secretary
  • Melaine Blayney
  • Siscelia Morgan
  • Margaret Amos
  • Mandy Baker
  • June Davies
  • Jonathan Hodges
  • Colin Woodley
  • Claire Jones
  • Caroline Lawless
  • Alun Evans

Projects in Penderyn

Penderyn Community Historical Society

The group is a local historical society for the village of Penderyn, collecting historical data on the village.

Penderyn Clochdar News

Community Newsletter

Penderyn Community Centre

Applied to Tower Fund for funding to a host a Christmas festival every year. The funding would go towards the Christmas activties.

Penderyn Sports & Social Association

The association was formed in 2002 following youth anti-social events.

Penderyn Sports Association

The Association was founded nine years ago to engage village youngsters aged 8 to 15 years in hobbies and matters of interest following anti-social behaviour.
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