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Your 'Tower Fund Advisory Group'

The Tower Fund Advisory Group will receive the Tower Fund applications and will decide which ones get the ‘go-ahead’ in their area.

Each area of the Tower Fund has its own group of Tower Fund Advisory Group. The role of the Group will be to receive all applications for funding from the local community. Members will judge each application and decide whether to grant money to the applicant. The successful ‘bids’ will then be sent by the group to Meadow Prospect, who will release the money.

Please see below your elected Tower Fund Advisory Group.

  • John G Davies - Chair
  • Ann Jones - Vice Chair
  • Aaron Cowdry - Secretary
  • Chris Bond
  • Elaine Thomas
  • Elizabeth A Reid
  • Ivan K Davies
  • John Day
  • Kenneth Bowles
  • Steve Richards
  • Tom Ward
  • Andrew Phillips
  • Phillip Sedgemore

Projects in Hirwaun

Hirwaun YMCA

Community Use

Mountain Ash Fly Fishers Association - Phase 1

Phase 1 of the Hirwaun and District Community Angling project

Action for Hirwaun (Events Committee)

Christmas Around the Clock

Pippa's Dance Crew

Dance Class

Pippa’s Dance Crew - Xplosion

Dance Classes and Public Show

Hirwaun RFC

New Central Heating installation at the Clubhouse

Hirwaun Bowls Club

New Equipment

Ramoth Christian Centre

Ramoth is a Christian Church serving the local community in a variety of ways.

Hirwaun Allotment Society Phase 2

Hirwaun Allotment Society are the only allotments in the Hirwaun area. There are 32 allotments fully occupied by both sexes, pensioners and disabled people of all ages.

Hirwaun FC

Hirwaun FC is a local football club which is run from the Glancynon Inn.

Mountain Ash Fly Fishers Association - Phase 2

Phase 2 of the Hirwaun and District community Angling project

Hirwaun Bowls Club

Hirwaun Bowls Community engagement for the people of Hirwaun and surrounding areas

Lamb Inn Football Club

The Lamb Inn FC is a local football team from Hirwaun based from the Lamb Inn. The team consists of mainly people from Hirwaun aged 16 or more.

Hirwaun Sports Football Club

Hirwaun Sports are a football team based from the Hirwaun village. The club has a senior section and a mini football section. The club is based from Hirwaun RFC and the majority of the members are from the Hirwaun area.
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