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The Tower Fund

For every tonne of coal that is sold from the opencast mining at Tower Colliery, 44 pence is being put into a community fund - the Tower Fund – which is to be spent in the surrounding communities of Hirwaun, Rhigos, Penderyn and Penywaun.

The Tower Fund will add up to millions of pounds over the next seven years, making it a once in a lifetime opportunity to regenerate these communities and make them fit for purpose for the 21st century.

Anyone who lives in one of these four communities can apply for a grant from the Tower Fund. Grants will be available to support all sorts of community projects - big and small – from social enterprises and 'green' energy schemes to training opportunities and youth projects.

Tower Update

Tower Update
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Tower Fund Q & A's

The Tower Fund is a pot of money available to the communities of Hirwaun, Penderyn, Rhigos and Penywaun in the Cynon valley. The fund will support community projects - from social enterprises, ‘green’ energy schemes and training opportunities to youth projects. As long as the money will be put towards charitable projects within these communities, applications for funding can be made to the Tower Fund.

The Tower Fund was set up by Tower Colliery and Hargreaves Services. Hargreaves Services teamed up with Tower Colliery, which is owned by a group of miners, to develop an opencast mining project which starts at Tower Colliery this spring. Over the next seven years, during the opencast mining at Tower Colliery, for every tonne of coal sold from the colliery 44 pence will be donated to the Tower Fund..

Tower Colliery and Hargreaves Services made a commitment, as part of is overall development scheme, to donate money to help local communities thrive.

Applications are being processed now. Application forms are available by contacting the Tower Fund, and also, there are grants assistants that can assist with the form completion and provide support and advice throughout the application process.

The first step for those interested in applying for money from Tower Fund is to complete an application form. This form will ask you to explain what you would plan to use the money for and how this would be of benefit to the community. If you find it difficult to put your ideas into words we can help you to complete the form. This application will then go in front of a local committee - made up of local people from your area. Once approved by the committee it is then sent to Meadow Prospect - this is the charity that has responsibility for distributing the money from the fund.

Of course! We want to help communities to make the most of their opportunities to access money. There is a team of dedicated people who can help community groups and individuals with every step of the application process. If you have difficulty filling out forms then Please contact Tower for more details on 01685 81119 and the team can work with you to complete the application.

Good question! As part of it’s commitment to supporting communities in mining areas Tower Fund will also be creating a ‘Common Fund’. This will benefit other communities within the South Wales area and will receive 5 pence per tonne of mineral sold from Tower Colliery. This pot is a small grants scheme of up to a maximum of £2500.

The boundaries for the Tower Fund are defined by the wards that include Hirwaun, Penderyn, Rhigos and Penywaun. These are: Hirwaun ward, Rhigos ward, Penderyn ward and Penywaun ward.

Business Partnership


The Tower Fund Business Partnership is a chance for your organization to be part of a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a real difference and breathe new life into four communities, potentially shaping the future of a generation.

The Tower Fund wants to work in partnership with you to help you realize how your business objectives could also help the communities of Hirwaun, Rhigos, Penywaun and Penderyn.

Your organization might already have a Corporate Social Responsibility agenda. If so, we can work with you to ensure that you are part of a legacy-building project which is in line with your CSR targets.

We can link your business up with the community to submit an application to the Tower Fund. Then, by providing match funding through your CSR stream to maximize the impact to the community, you could double the results and meet your business and CSR objectives.

We want to know your thoughts and ideas for how you think your organization could work effectively with the Tower Fund, for mutual benefit. These can be social enterprises, community leisure facilities, green energy schemes or community projects –anything that will fit in with your CSR strategy and will be of benefit to these communities.



Common Fund

24th September 2013
Next round of decisions for the Common Fund is due in January 2014, therefore, completed applications must be in by 3rd December 2013.
Not sure if you qualify or meet the criteria, give Tower Fund a call and you can have a chat about it and your project or idea.
Look forward to hearing from you!

24th November 2013
The Common Fund has so far funded the following:
Merthyr Aloud
Tylorstown Welfare Hall Ltd
Ysgol Gynradd Cymraeg Castellau PTA
Rhondda Hard of Hearing Club
Nexus Valley Swimming Club
Heol Y Cyw Workingmens Sports and Social Club
Crynant RFC

RCT Tigers
Valleys Golf Enterprise.

Common Fund Q & A's

Tower Colliery is donating 5 pence per tonne of mineral sold into a Common Fund

Charitable grants are available to mining communities across south Wales. It is not available to individuals

Applications will be considered every six months – January and July, with deadlines the month before.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the process Please contact Tower for more details on 01685 81119

Be part of the... opportunity of a lifetime!

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